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Scooter Accessories


Q: How can we contact you?

A: you can contact us via our facebook page -

or by sending us an email to -

Q: What is the recommended maintenance for the scooter?

A: We always recommend you check your scooter over before you ride, especially after the first month of use. Scooters are like any other personal transport device and require your own on going maintenance & checks due to wear and tear.

Q: How long does delivery take?

A: Approx 5 -7 working days, NZ wide.

Q: Which model is right for me?

A: This can depend on many factors, including height and weight, however generally it depends on the type of distance you would like to cover. We place recommendations under the info section for each scooter  model we provide .

Its strongly suggested you follow our buyers guide section on each scooter as we do not accept returns based on unsatisfactory performance.