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Basic Specs & Buyers Guide:

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2600 watt - Nominal Power output ( 2 x 1300 watt motors)

Curb Weight 37 kgs

52volt  25AMP ESC x 2

18AH battery

Front & Rear Disk brakes

Front & Rear Adjustable Suspension

Pneumatic 10" tires 

Max speed 45++kph

Max distance per charge* 45km

Max carry weight 150kgs


The BE26K is designed for urban use, this 2600 watt scooter is our ultimate model, its very sturdy, robust and comfortable. great wet weather performance. Its a pleasure to ride and has plenty of power to climb hills and perform long commutes.


Is it right for you?

Maximum recommended height is 196cm - so you can accurately read the speedo and reach handle bar comfortably, this, model has an extendable handlebar. 

Maximum recommended weight 110 kgs for optimal performance (although its capable of carrying up to 150kgs)

Maximum recommended commuting / travel single way distance - 20 KM - however it can reach further distances closer to 45 kms.

This is a indicative guide, distances can vary based on weather conditions, terrain ( slopes hills etc) your weight, height and riding style.


Warranty info:

12 months on motor, battery and base frame.

6 months on brakes ( excluding brake pads) and all levers including trigger accelerator.